Traveller’s Tales: Gordon & Elizabeth

Elizabeth was a secondary school teacher and I (Gordon) was a dentist in the Royal Australian Navy in Victoria when we were first married. Gordon decided after two years in the Navy to return to the University of Queensland to study Medicine. We decided that although Elizabeth was carrying our first of four children it would be a good idea for us to have a European tour for three weeks before returning to study. Our last hurrah for four years as it were. This developed a bad habit which we have been able to resurrect in the past twenty years. A lot of our trips have involved visiting children or relatives who kindly shared our overseas experience with them as locals.

Some trips were for work (Antarctica for me) and I threw in a few marathons at times (Paris and Berlin) to keep us honest. Our travels have been a huge and continuing joy made so by the help of so many gorgeous people we have dealt with from Back Track Adventures like yourself.

Number of countries visited:

Elizabeth: 30

Gordon: 32

Aisle or window:

E: Aisle but Window if in Business Class

G: Window

Plane, train, boat or car: All

Our last travel destination was: Japan, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong.

Our next travel destination is: Singapore and Japan

Other than the basics (passport, bank card, etc), I never forget to pack:

E: 4711 Eau de Cologne and Sunlight Soap.

G: Chargers and country specific plugs

We love to travel because: it opens up new places and experiences.

First thing we do in a new city is: Try to get orientated in time and place

Worst place I’ve been lost was: Never been lost

We can’t stop going back to: Paris – we’ve done ten trips!

We’ve always wanted to go to:

E: Russia

G: Iceland

We’ve never wanted to go to:  We would go anywhere!!

A place that surprised us was:  Helsinki Airport Finland

A must-know phrase in every language is:  Thank you

 Our favourite trip so far has been:

E: Hurtegruten ship up the west coast of Norway

G: Going on the Aurora Australis  (Australian Icebreaker) to Antarctica three times