We are proud to share with you comments from clients of Back Track Adventures from different holiday destinations.


Just a quick note to say thanks for a great holiday.   I’ve got to say you and your team have it all over your competition. When we spoke to other people on our other small safari in Kenya and told them what we had seen and done on the Back Track Safari as compared to what they were going to do or had done the difference was like chalk and cheese. Everyone we spoke to was very envious and took note to look up Backtrack for their next trip. We will continue to recommend you to anyone who’ll listen.Please pass my thanks on to Trish, Aaron, Israel & Lucky and let them know they set the bar way too high for other tour guides. She ran such an efficient and relaxed tour that we were spoiled and expected too much from our next tour. Also please pass on our thanks to Annie, Clare and Karen in the Back Track office, for all their organising and helping us out when we were stuck in Nairobi in the middle of the night. David, Great Southern African Safari 2014


 When we said we were going on a (another company name) tour after yours up in East Africa, you said we’d notice a difference to the Back Track tour and we certainly did. I’ve got to say you and your team have it all over your competition. When we spoke to other people and told them what we had seen and done on the Back Track tour as compared to what they were going to do or had done the difference was like chalk and cheese. Everyone we spoke to was very envious and took note to look up Back Track for their next trip. I hope you get some business out of it, we will continue to recommend you to anyone who’ll listen.Please pass my thanks on to Trish (and Aaron, Israel & Lucky) and tell her she sets the bar way too high for other tour guides. She ran such and efficient and relaxed tour that we were spoiled and expected too much from our next tour. Also please pass on our thanks to Annie, Clare and Karen in your Brisbane office for all their organising and helping us out when we were stuck in Nairobi in the middle of the night. D & J, The Great Southern Africa Safari, 2014


Hi Back Track Just want to let you know that the 2012 Great Southern Safari is going to be a tough act to follow for future holidays. We had the most amazing time and saw the most breathtaking scenary and wildlife that we are not sure can be matched. The tour was wonderfully organised, Clever’s kitchen was open to various tastes and our driver, Phineas, was the best bush mechanic who kept “Ben the Beast” going on the toughest roads and conditions. Gail’s fun personality and organisational skills kept the holiday goers enthused and Damo’s photography knowledge was a wonderful support to help get those great shots. It is important to mention Dave’s crew in Chobe. Without our tracker/guide, Alvin, from within Dave’s crew, I doubt we would have seen the animals we saw. Having Alvin’s knowledge of photography to get the vehicle in the best position possible was also a bonus. The vast differences of accommodation throughout the trip gave a great safari feeling and having the 3 days in Swokopmund near the end of the trip was a much needed rest before the grand finale of Naukluft and Dune 45. We are now home sorting through the thousands of photos so that we do not bore our friends too much. It is difficult to explain to people what we saw along with the emotions that were invoked. I guess that all we can say to people is “you have to see it to believe it!” So now it’s up to you to help us when we are searching for our next trip. We’ll be relying on you for trips that have all that we saw, felt and more ???? Thanks again for a great holiday! Best wishes and we’ll be in touch soon. Dann and Mani, The Great Southern Africa Safari 2012


 Thank you for all the care and consideration you showed me while we were travelling. I can’t tell you what a difference it made to me, it really was the most marvelous holiday. Thank you once againor the experience of a lifetime. J.R., Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia Safari




I would just like to thank Ray (Australian Trek Leader) and his crew for the exceptional support and care given to all of the members of the trek group.  Making decisions on a trek with such exceptional circumstances (Nepal Earthquake), is always going to be very difficult.  But I was always confident that Ray and the crew had the safety of trek and crew members as the first priority. Paul, Everest High Passes, April 2015

I cannot even begin to explain how eye-opening this trip ahs been.  Back Track ahs been AMAZING in organising and preparing us all for this incredible experience.  I also have to say a huge thank you to all of the thoughtful, caring crew we’ve spent the last 2 weeks with.  Always happy to help even if its not needed.The situation that happened with the Earthquake was handled amazingly and positively!  Ray kept us all so positive.  I’ll be back to trek with Back Track again for sure. Anna, Everest High Passes, April 2015
Kylie was the perfect trek leader.  Her knowledge and obvious passion for Nepal and its people was infectious.  She guided us through each day with confidence, humour, warmth and energy.  We were lucky to have her in charge! Carolyn, Everest & Gokyo Lakes November 2014


A fantastic experience!!!! Kylie was a fabulous leader.  Her passion and enthusiasm for Nepal is highly contagious.  Kylie took care of all our needs no matter what was asked of her.  She is an asset to Back Track. Food was awesome!  Accommodation was very comfortable.  Mila and Ram our local guides were great to have on board. Jo, Everest & Gokyo Lakes November 2014
Kylie was an awesome trek leader.  I can’t sing her praises enough.  She was the consummate caring professional.  I would travel with her again anytime.  Kylie was also good for a chat and a laugh, she really made the trip enjoyable for me. I loved Nepal, I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to experience the culture, weather, food and those magnificent mountains which I will miss gazing at constantly. Our local crew were lots of fun and generous with their time and knowledge too.  Thanks again and you know I’ll be boring all my friends, family, staff and patients silly with my photos and stories. Sharlene, Everest & Gokyo November 2014


OMG what a fantastic experience. Everyone was in great shape physically and mentally – great group. The local crew where exceptional Ram, JB, Biru and Mila what a great crew. Learnt a lot from Damian. Thanks to all the staff at Back Track Adventures – it’s great to travel with you! Chris, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Your Nepal trekking crew were sensational. Ram, Mila, JB and Biru were professional, fun and extremely supportive to al participants. Their efforts in getting everyone down the glacier were indeed outstanding. Lots of fun to be around. Peter, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Damian was a fantastic leader. made the journey a lot of fun. Would love to do another tour with him. Our local crew Ram, Mila, Biru & JB were fantastic also. Altogether a memorable trip that will be remembered forever. Thanks Back Track. Jim, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Our Trek leader Damian was sensational in all aspects of the track. Made our trek informative, safe and enjoyable. Anon, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


As usual all guides and porters were fantastic. Damian’s advice, knowledge, help and support was very helpful/ A wonderful person to have shared this trip with. 10/10. Allan, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Thank you for a wonderful holiday. Damian’s knowledge of the Himalaya’s was amazing. The crew were fantastic – always looking out for us. Such a beautiful part of the world! Lyn, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Particularly impressed with the planning of the Itinerary which gave max. opportunity to achieve the goal of reaching Base Camp. All staff were sensational. David, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Greatly appreciated Damien’s Leadership! Herding us ‘cats’ is no easy feat but Damien did it with Humour, Grace and Patience. I also appreciated that the Itinerary gave everyone as much time/opponity as possible to acclimatise and as a consequence, achieve all 4 major goals. A Big Thank you for the Birthday Wishes – the effort and fuss was a delightful surprise. Rosemary, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


An excellent well-run trek. The support crew were amazing and Damian was also excellent and knowledgeable. The training program before going was well created, but nothing really readys you for trekking at altitude. Challenging but rewarding – Thank you. David, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


The trip was absolutely amazing. Damian was an amazing trek leader who managed the group incredibly well and also kept everyone laughing. The trek crew were amazing and provided fantastic support as well. Overall it was an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone.
Sam, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


The trekkers, the guide, Ram and crew all combined to make a very enjoyable holiday – even it was ‘bloody hard’ work on quite a few days! Thanks for the experience – Again. Warren, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


A very well organised trip – very professional (as usual!). Great bunch of people, everyones needs and desires met. Bhaktapur and Patan excursion was fantastic. Mind blown to see the real people and environs as the city stirred from its slumber. I rate the whole package AAA. Thank you Back Track. Steve, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


Our Trek Leader Damian was exemplary in his performance. I love the trek and experience and will cherish it for a long time. I loved every second and would gladly travel with Back Track in the future. Mathew, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2013


This Everest trip changed my life. Spencer was an amazing leader who was just there every step of the way! Words can’t describe the real experiences I’ve had in Nepal and I look forward to going back as soon as I can. Spencer was extremely knowledegeable, kind, uplifting and occasionally pushy – but that’s exactly what I needed!!! I want do so much more with Backtrack. Their service and knowledge is world class and so perfectly intimate! Thanks Sheridan, Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes, November 2012
Just a quick note to say loved the trip. Struggled with the altitude from Namche and probably the odd day of not drinking enough. Everyone I have spoken to is so impressed that everyone in our group who wanted to get to base camp made it, as we heard that on other companies, a fair number struggling with the altitude don’t get there. Heather was great with managing each of us and our trekking family. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know whether I would have made it and enjoyed my time away. Do feel a real sense of achievement. Your other staff in Nepal also all worked well together and made life on the trail easier. Have passed your details onto those who ask along with a high recommendation. K.A., Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes



On behalf of our merry band of Government House trekkers, thank you for a great trip over the Kokoda Track. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience which in no small way was due to your detailed planning and effective leadership. Your passion and detailed knowledge brought the military history of the campaign to life and enabled us to satisfy the goals of the journey. I think we were all impressed with your genuine affection for the local people and the practical way in which you are driving the much needed assistance programs. As I mentioned on the Track, our group is keen to become involved in some small way with helping the local community. It would seem that Andy Ndiki at Naduri would be ideal. We look forward to hearing in due course, how we can help. Again, from all of us in the Government House team, Adelaide, thank you for a memorable experience on the Kokoda Track. Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, Kokoda 2013



Sorry it has taken so long for me to write, but finally I can write and tell you that my trip to Peru was one of the most moving experiences of my life. Even though I did not walk the trail, I feel that I for filled all my expectations & some. Machu Picchu was my main focus & after 2 days there I found it really hard to pull myself away. The optional walk up Huayna Picchu whilst trying was an experience I will never forget. The view from the top is just fantastic. The decent is the most scary thing I have ever done but what goes up must come down as they say my photos will be a reminder forever. The home stay on Taquile Island was a great experience. The waters of Lake Titicaca were cold( did not swim) but the water in the Humbolt current was freezing( even got Megan in for a quick dip) I had many wonderful experiences on this trip, I could go on for pages but you have not got the time to read my epic, but I would like to say thank you to the Back Track team for putting together a great tour, fantastic guides( Megan is just the greatest organizer, friend & tour guide) Fabrizzio, well what can I say about a man who is so passionate about his country & culture & has such a great desire to share it with other people. He was such fun to have on tour (not to mention to help order our dinners & drinks) He was like a walking encyclopaedia & we learnt so much from him . All the people on our tour got on so well & enjoyed each other’s company. That was a major bonus, & last week end while I was in Brisbane we had a get together & renewed friendships & shared photos & the funny moments. We hope to stay in contact & who knows may travel together some other time. Kylee & I hope to travel to Egypt in 2010 so if you have any tours going there we would love some information so we can get planning. Once again I thank you & the company for a great job. Cheers, R. M.

Back Track MoroccoMOROCCO

This traveller, after poking about in most corners of the globe and enjoying many many wonderful destinations has fallen completely for Morocco and would expect your future guests to all find so much to love in this wonderful country. Thank you to Karen O’Dwyer, Michelle, Yacine, Omar and all at Back Track for this incredible adventure……..my first but certainly not my last foray to Morocco. Karen, Morocco 2012

A very belated thank you for a most memorable trip. Like many of the group in Morocco, we too are very experienced travellers & therefore know when a quality experience has been provided. Morocco wa one of those rare experiences and it was for the following reasons:-small, but not too small a group,a varied itinerary from cities to towns, coast to deser tto mountains,opportunity to interact with the locals, be it eating, dancing,or squaring off with Moroccan spitting street vendors; clean, safe & central hotels; time to explore by yourself if so desired; and spendinga few/couple nightsin the occassional hotel enroute. In addition to this, I really enjoyed the visit to Hamman & the camel trekinto the desert. All of this was enhanced by Balard’s driving skills, Yacine’s forte as a local guide and the daily reading according to the Phrophet RAY !. Thanks for a wonderful experience & we look forward to seeing you at the group reunion on Saturday night. Brian & Rob, Morocco