Polar: Antarctica and Arctic

The last frontier – pristine, crisp, silent. Discover nature and yourself with a journey to the ends of the earth – the Arctic in the north and the Antarctic in the south. CLICK HERE  to research your journey. Read Leanne’s experience below and let her book the ideal polar adventure for you. Q: How did seeing Antarctica change the way you’ll sell it? A: I have a more detailed understanding […]

Cruise the world

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to cruising and because we’ve cruised and cruised some more, we can cut through the choices and perfectly fit a cruise to you. The beauty of small ship cruising is that the destination is the feature, not the ship. And, often you can get so much closer to your destination and be part of the beauty and landscape of the location you […]

Asia: north & south

In a lifetime you could never explore all that Asia has to offer. On this earth, it is the largest and most populous continent and the diversity is beyond imagination … so get started ASAP. We’ve got Asian experts in-house and you can check out our special Peregrine Asian holidays here: North Asia (China, Yanzi, Taiwan, Tibet, Japan and more) South Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Borneo and more) Plus we do […]

Exotic and classics

Whether you lost your heart in Paris, love a road trip in the USA, are searching for ancestors in England, or march to the beat of an Indian drum, we can take you where your heart desires. Talk to us about any destination in the world … we’re out there! India We do our own specialty tours of India including trekking in Sikkim,  wellness escapes, homestays, foodie and festival adventures. Let’s […]


At Back Track Adventures ‘trekking’ is our middle name. We have been trekking the globe for over 33 years. Our leaders have trekked everywhere from Nepal to Kokoda, and if they are not trekking, they are training for a trek. Find out more about our locations and challenge yourself! We also do private group tours. Come with us … it’s a big world out there and we would be delighted […]