Top 10 Treks Across the World

Here at Back Track Adventures, we’ve been trekking far and wide since our first trek to Annapurna in 1985. There are plenty of awesome treks we’ve done, and just as many we’d love to do. Here’s some inspiration for your next trekking adventure – which one takes your fancy?   Kokoda Track The Kokoda Track is well-known amongst Australians and is slowly growing in popularity with visitors from the UK […]

20 Things to Do Before 2020

It’s hard to believe we are already into the first week of 2019 – the last year of the 2010’s decade. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, but haven’t quite got there, this year is the time to do it! Need some inspiration? Here are some suggestions:   Put your feet on the Antarctic continent There really is nowhere else like it on the planet. Get up close […]

Top Ten Travel Destinations for 2019 – Recommended by Us!

2019 is fast approaching, and now is a fantastic time to start thinking about where you want to head next year. Deciding where to go can be incredibly difficult, so hopefully these recommendations from our experienced travellers will give you some ideas! Leanne: Turkey My top pick for 2019 is Turkey. Cities such as Istanbul and Ankara have been downgraded by Smart Traveller from “reconsider your need to travel” to […]

Breathtaking Alaska – an amazing slideshow!

Adventurer, John Kelley has just returned from Alaska (Kodiak and Katmai National Park) with a collection of amazing images. A retired military psychologist, John’s interest in photography and travel, and his eye for a great shot has resulted in capturing the animals and landscapes of this astonishing destination. Watch John’s SLIDESHOW here. Emma’s picks: Inspired by John’s shots? We can send you there. The Great Alaskan Grizzly Encounter: cruising just […]

Piranhas & poisonous dart frogs: the dark heart of the Amazon Jungle

By Emma Smith, Back Track Adventure Consultant There’s South America which brings to mind all the iconic images of Machu Picchu, meandering llama, colourful ponchos and festivals… and then there is the deepest and darkest Peru aka Northern Peru and the Amazon Jungle. That’s where you will find me. We flew into Lima and spent one night there before flying north up to Jaen and transferring out to the Amazonas […]

Zambia – the beauty and macabreness of nature: a Q&A with Naomi

Just back from 11 days in the wilds of Southern Africa’s Zambia, we put the spotlight on our Adventure Consultant, Naomi  Zerner, for her tips and highlights!   When did you go? What time of the year? I went on the 26 October for 11 days so I’m fresh off the plane! As Zambia is situated in the tropics, the best time to go is in the dry season from May to the […]