Meeting the Chimps & Gorillas in Uganda

In April 2019, I travelled as a guest of Africa Wild Explorations into Uganda to see the gorillas and chimps. It was an incredible experience, and I would go back in a heartbeat! After landing in Entebbe we drove for around an hour to Kampala, passing through the vibrant Saturday markets along the way.  We spent the night in the capital and got up early the next morning for a […]

Traveller’s Tales: Gordon & Elizabeth

Elizabeth was a secondary school teacher and I (Gordon) was a dentist in the Royal Australian Navy in Victoria when we were first married. Gordon decided after two years in the Navy to return to the University of Queensland to study Medicine. We decided that although Elizabeth was carrying our first of four children it would be a good idea for us to have a European tour for three weeks […]

Traveller’s Tales: Cherie

Cherie works as a physiotherapist in Brisbane and is in her 50s. She has always been passionate about travel and discovering new places. After returning from the standard but longer working holiday in the UK for almost 5 years, she has continued to travel and explore. Cherie’s present habit is learning Spanish for travel (of course) and also as an excuse to travel! Number of countries visited: 69 Aisle or […]

My Windstar Experience: Cruising into Monsoons in the Pacific

I travelled from Hong Kong to Shanghai as a guest of Windstar on the Star Legend in March 2019. The journey didn’t go as planned, as we met with the tail end of a nasty, large monsoon in that part of the world for a very long time. However, I enjoyed my trip nonetheless! The Boat The Star Legend is a luxury yacht owned and operated by Windstar Cruises. With […]

Traveller’s Tales: Steven & Theresa

Steven Fraser is an ex-high school science teacher and now a newly retired OHS Manager. He has been married to Theresa; a newly retired commerce teacher, for 39 years. Both have been very keen travellers for many years, with Steven being the chief organiser. Steven loves doing reams of research and is always booking multiple trips on a rolling 12-month cycle. Steven is also a super keen amateur photographer who […]

At the Mercy of Mother Nature: My Trip to Antarctica

In March 2019, I travelled to Antarctica as a guest of One Ocean Expeditions. The trip didn’t go quite as planned, but it was certainly an unforgettable experience that I enjoyed every minute of! The Boat The RCGS Resolute is the newest ship in One Ocean Expedition’s fleet. She was built in 1993, but was well-renovated in November 2018. She’s got an ice-strengthed, Lloyd’s Ice Class 1AS hull – for […]

My Expedition to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions

By Naomi Zerner   In February 2019, I travelled to Antarctica as a guest of Quark on their 12-day Antarctic Explorer expedition from Ushuaia. I’ve sent lots of clients to Antarctica and I knew it would be good, but this trip far exceeded my expectations in every way possible! The Boat The Ocean Adventurer is an expedition ship operated by Quark, among others. She was built in 1975 and underwent […]

Must-Visit Cities in South America

South America is a vast and varied continent, with tropical climates in the North to the windy, icy Patagonia in the South. The lively people, the interesting cultures and varied history are what make South America the perfect holiday destination. We love South America in the Back Track office, so we compiled a list of our favourite cities to visit. You’ll notice they’re not all the popular ones – sometimes […]

Revealed: top small-ship cruises for 2020

Cruising is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to travel. There’s something to be said for what are essentially moving hotels – unpacking your bag once but experiencing a variety of wonderful destinations. The popularity of cruising is also making way for some fantastic value cruises, and we’ve collated our top picks for 2020.   Antarctica Often described as “The Last Frontier” in terms of travel, Antarctica is […]

12 Things I’ve Learned from 40 years Trekking the Himalayas

By Ray Baker My 40th anniversary of trekking in the Himalayas is coming up in 2019. I’ve made many mistakes along the way and I’d like to think I’ve learned from those mistakes. Here’s 12 things I’ve learned along the way. The mountains are in charge; they decide if the weather will be user friendly or not. Go with the flow. Have physical endurance. Endurance, in relation to trekking, is […]

A Quick Guide to the ‘Stans

Central Asia is not the first place you’d think of when you’re thinking of an overseas holiday. But the five Central Asian countries – Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan – have an emerging tourism industry for intrepid travellers from across the globe. Since they gained independence after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, these five Central Asian nations have been developing their national identities, and each offer something […]

Best Countries for Foodies

Australia is a nation of foodies. Our multi-cultural nature and love for cooking television shows is probably to thank for that. One determining factor for plenty of Aussies when they book travel overseas is the food – whether your budget is street-cuisine or fine-dining restaurants, food is always a high priority. If your tastebuds are ready for a vacation, these are a few destinations we suggest to satisfy your hunger. […]

Top 10 Treks Across the World

Here at Back Track Adventures, we’ve been trekking far and wide since our first trek to Annapurna in 1985. There are plenty of awesome treks we’ve done, and just as many we’d love to do. Here’s some inspiration for your next trekking adventure – which one takes your fancy?   Kokoda Track The Kokoda Track is well-known amongst Australians and is slowly growing in popularity with visitors from the UK […]

Unusual Things You Can Only Do In Japan

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with a completely different culture to that here in Australia, look no further than Japan. Different food, customs, cultural rituals and interests are what sets Japan apart, and the joy of visiting this wonderful country is the chance to try something new! Here are our favourite unique and unusual things you can only do in Japan Robot Restaurant The Japanese are famous for […]

Our favourite free phone apps that we use when travelling abroad

As each year passes, our phones are becoming more and more integral in our lives. While this might not always be a great thing, one instance where it does come in handy is travelling. We’ve surveyed the brain’s trust of experienced travellers in the Back Track office for the apps they use most often whilst out of the country, and this is what they’ve got!   Maps.Me Available on iOS […]

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